War on Games Studios

Play MOBA and RTS

Build more than 50 buildings and 14 unique units for every one of the 28 factions.
Play as one of the two heroes per faction to buy items and rule the battlefield.

Set in one single map (as a start-up) you get to choose one of the 28 factions in modern/futuristic warfare. The ‘Velocity’ in ‘Velocity Warfare’ stands for the speed at which battles are fought, the game is usually over by the 60 minute mark. You get to build buildings, units and have MOBA-style heroes ingame which lets you use special abilities to make a huge impact on the game. These faction heroes can be played in such diversity and have unique skills, they’re able to climb walls, swim, hack, disable, build, dismantle, assassinate and much more.

Every faction resembles a country in our current world and their technological advancements are measured by country size. Resource harvesting, tech-trees, upgrades, you name it! If you want an US Navy Seal to demolish an entire enemy base without your enemy even knowing, then this is the game for you! If you want a stealth team to take out the entire enemy force, then that would be within your possibilities. If you want a modern type robot to exterminate any threat that comes close to your base, then go for it! Even if you simply want to build a base, use hundreds of types of units ranging from tanks, airplanes, infantry, boats and futuristic gear and many more than you would really love this game.


  • You’re not an online player and like single player skirmish and campaign?
  • You’d like coop with your friends without an internet connection?
  • You would like to add your own mods into an RTS/MOBA game?
  • Would you like to play the RTS part while your friend plays the MOBA part?
  • Or the other way around?


We want to support it all and we will support it all!


History repeats itself on numerous occasions. Religion, power, wealth, events, there are countless wars going on about just these examples, but none to the scale that is seen today. In the year 2021 intracellular parasites were causing all forms of vegetation to die which resulted in only about half of the total vegetation remaining by the year 2047. When the virus, named 12ILV first kicked in, most people thought it was just a bad harvest that year. By the time scientists discovered the virus, people were in chaos trying to save their sources of food. After a few years the effect was really showing on the environment. Farmers were trying to burn their wasted crops to retry a harvest to find out a year later that nothing had changed. Through new achievements governments were able to replace the fallen crops by Sefferin cores, made out of silicon and silver. These cores were placed deep within the ground where they started expanding to the surface. The Sefferin would then be mined as it was the perfect conductor for modern day technology. After years of trying and searching for a cure, the world was starting to give up on finding a solution to this problem. As a matter of fact, the problem began to shift. Food reserves were quickly running out and more children were born that required food. Governments started limiting the amount of children to one and limiting the amount of food given to each person. Prices were going through the roof for the remaining food that was left. Poor countries were having a hard time. By the time millions were dying from hunger, the world started to blame each other.


The poor blamed the rich for not giving food to them while the rich blamed the poor for their immense populations. Small-scale riots were being fought out on the street in dreadfully long nights. Governments had trivial thoughts about the virus and their attention quickly shifted to the people. Their anger had to be moved towards a purpose. In these harsh times, several countries decided to put pressure on other countries to secure a fair amount of food from those that still had some vegetation.

Hate grew throughout these months from which movements were being created. At first it were modest groups with limited means that waged a guerilla war with the elite living in their own countries but after a few more months entire movements were fighting to get their food. While governments were collapsing and countries were reshaped, two movements came out on top of all these small movements.


The EQN and the RFL movements were created. Because of their huge number of followers, countries were forced to choose a side if they were to prevent civil war. Japan, and recently united Korea, decided to stand for the human rights as many of the countries were fighting for food. Populated countries like China were having huge difficulties feeding their population and endured heavy pressure from the Human Rights Movement in Japan (Jinken undo). Japan and Korea, who were fused as the POL (Protectors Of Life) were leading diplomatic discussions on fair distribution of food. It didn’t take much hunger and suffering before half the world decided they wanted an equal share of the food distribution.

One man stole the show, the leader of Junken Undo and a political mastermind, Zen-Po Wakahisa. While recruiting factions to his cause a movement started to take form. Zen-Po proved a true leader for the Rectification For Life faction (RFL). Zen-Po had lost most of his family in his early years to hunger when the virus was new to the world and his family had little money to spare for food. He sees it his moral obligation to prevent other families to suffer the same fate. Whether vengeance is part of his motive, one can only guess.

In the meanwhile Russia and surrounding countries fused into the Northern Global Nation (NGN) which had a similar leader arise to gather the support of all the rich factions in the world.

Wealthy factions were getting massive pressure from other factions to share the little they had, even if they only had slightly more than most other factions. The hatred, disgust and desperation of the envious factions’ population were soon moved into acts of terrorism. Small groups were sabotaging the low amount of food income the wealthier factions had at the time. To strike back, vigilante groups were on the rise with Kraven Meco as one of the most prominent leaders. By the time the poor factions were increasing their support for Zen-Po, so did the wealthy factions for Kraven Meco.

Kraven Meco was an old military spy living in Germany who had a rough youth. He had made peace with the world just before virus 12ILV kicked in. The hunger and madness he saw made him realize that there is no such thing as peace, for the weaker will always terrorize the stronger for their incompetence.  Since the factions were increasing their defensive budget, Kraven went on a political campaign to convince the wealthier factions not to suffer more than they were already doing. In the state the world was in, Kraven received many followers to the point where he created a movement to show the world equality doesn’t and shouldn’t exist. He created the EQuals Nothing movement (EQN). Kraven, haunted by his rough youth, his torture by Chinese interrogators and his twisted views on the world decided it was time for another age.

In an age that allows for nanotechnology, androids, genetic engineering and even a new resource called Sefferin, the age of virus 12ILV has brought more pain and suffering than many other catastrophes before. Don’t let that fool you, as the real pain and suffering was about to begin.

In the year 2047 the leaders of RFL and EQN gathered at a peace conference in Italy which several activists tried to undermine. The activists, which were actual supporters of RFL, decided without authorization that if the EQN leader were to die, they’d gain peace and equality. Little did they know that this event would break the two opposing movements from their peaceful intentions. The bombing was a total failure and the culprits were caught by an NGN hero that was in charge of security. The moment news hit the convention, an all-out shooting occurred within the room, killing several leaders on both sides. While both movements were returning to safer ground, world war 3 had begun.

The game will follow up on the story as told above…